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White-labeled Software

Work with our developers to create branded apps your customers can use with your devices.


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White-labeled Hardware

Our hardware is tested, and turns out it’s the most accurate on the market. Now you can brand it one-hundred percent under your own label.

Custom Integrations

Connect your tinting software directly to either the Spectro 1 or Spectro 1 Pro through our new Bridge dongle for a seamless way to communicate formulation data.

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Custom Integrations: A Case Study

After Cynthia’s last child left for college, she decided to repaint her living room. She loved the color but wanted to put a fresh coat on to cover up the scuff marks the kids had left on the walls during their rambunctious high school years. However, she couldn’t find a close match available within any of the brands at her hardware store.  Not a problem though. The pro painter she hired chipped a small sample from a discrete corner of the wall and took it to the local paint counter so the representative could create a custom formulation. By the end of the day, Cynthia had a fresh coat of the exact same color drying on her walls.


Sounds simple, right? It is. But the simplicity is made possible by expensive color matching tools that are not available to everyone around the world. If Cynthia lived within a region where paint stores did not have the necessary technology, there is a high likelihood they wouldn’t be able to ensure she received an exact match to her sample.



Despite the technology to formulate custom paint tints existing for decades, many customers still don’t have access to this resource because of the prohibitively high cost of necessary spectrophotometers. While they do have access to advanced software like Chromaflo’s Innovatint to help them formulate custom tints, the equipment these softwares are designed to work with are priced out of reach for these local paint stores. They are unable to cover the upfront costs leaving them with only one alternative: relying on the human eye to get a match right.





Chromaflo wanted to find a way to help the users of their Innovatint tinting software find more affordable ways to provide accurate paint matches to customer color samples.





The answer to this challenge involved two parts. 1. Identifying potential hardware solutions. 2. Integrating the new hardware with the current software in a seamless manner for the end user.


Part one was simple. With the invention of Variable’s Spectro 1 and Spectro 1 Pro mobile-paired spectrophotometers, the paint and coatings industry now has an affordable and accurate color formulation tool.


Part two was slightly more complex because Bluetooth technologies are not standardized across all personal computers, meaning that connection between the Spectro devices and Chromaflo’s software was still not guaranteed. To remedy this issue, Variable created the Bridge, an external, reliable Bluetooth dongle. The Bridge connects to PCs via the USB port and can stay paired with any of the Spectro units for a distance of  25 feet (7.5 meters).


With this combo from Variable, paint stores around the world can offer their customers the highest quality, accurate paint formulations while reducing waste and overhead costs.


The Spectro device’s portability paired with Bluetooth connectivity now allows the Chromaflo customer an added benefit of mobility while working with their customers in proximity to their workstations. This allows for a more efficient workflow and the ability for sales consultants to more deeply engage with their customers seeking color solutions both in matching to the closest known-standard and creating custom formulations. The portability also allows for sales representatives and customers to effectively social distance during the process.

White-labeled Hardware and Packaging

Our hardware is tested, and turns out it’s the most accurate on the market. Now you can brand it one-hundred percent under your own label.


"Their efforts to bring accurate, affordable color-matching technology to consumers is commendable. They continue to innovate and we look forward to seeing what comes next."


- Vice President of Marketing and Procurement, Sherwin-Williams.

“Partnering with Variable brought our customers an entirely new world of low-cost but highly accurate color measurement devices that are easy to use. With devices for both the printing and coatings industries, clients can find a solution that fits their company’s unique needs.”


- Norm Uress, president of MeasureColor, Inc.


“With Variable, we know we’re receiving the best color communication tools for our partners and consumers. Not only are they accurate and reliable, they are affordable as well. This opens up the doors for more small paint and coating businesses to provide paint professionals quality spectrophotometers and colorimeters for use onsite that weren’t available in the past.”


- Santint Australia

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