This is our story.


Variable uses a cloud-based system and intelligent sensor technology to support disruptive color platforms for the world’s largest color brands.

That’s a fancy, official way of saying we help larger than life companies like NCS® and Sherwin-Williams® streamline color matching, minimize the hassle of fan decks, and collect color data with a powerful little color scanner and app that’s backed by the cloud.



Humble beginnings...


After developing sensor technologies for NASA and the Department of Homeland Security, Variable Founder and CEO, Dr. George Yu, began developing wireless sensor platforms for smart devices. In 2012, Variable, Inc. and the NODE platform were born.


You can take the engineer out of NASA...



When George and his wife were expecting their first child and struggling to choose a nursery paint color, our fearless leader did what any reasonable parent-to-be would do; he developed and engineered a mobile color matching device. This device was affordable and accurate, and would allow anyone to scan and match any color to an assortment of products. Thus, the Color Muse was born.


The Color Muse® matching system, though popular as a consumer product, has taken flight as a large scale brand solution for global companies like NCS® and Sherwin-Williams®. Now, we’re leading the charge in creating cost-effective sensory platforms.



We are not a big deal…



Sure, we create world-class, data-driven, sensor solutions. Yes, we’re a team of master developers, design gurus, and engineering wizards. But what’s interesting about that? At the end of the day, we’re just a bunch of Star Wars-loving, coffee-obsessing, fantasy football-playing, Android vs. iOS - debating problem solvers. And, though we are but a small team, no one brainstorms, innovates, and rallies to create new and effective products like we do. We’re an ever-expanding powerhouse with growing presence on the global stage of sensor solutions.



Bringing it home…



We’re proud to call Chattanooga, Tennessee home. We started as a dream team of developers and engineers, and have grown to include talented designers, a go-getter sales and marketing team, and dedicated production workers. Chattanooga’s innovative business community allows us to attract new talent, and affords us both a stunning, “host happy hour every Friday”-worthy office space and an impressive production facility right here in the Scenic City.

Join the Variable team.